Leader and Team Performance Profilers

4CHARACTERS™ Personality Profiler

The 4CHARACTERS™ personality profiler provides a practical, memorable, and meaningful way of representing the four Jungian groups. Executives readily identify with the red tough strategic characters, the yellow compassionate insightful characters, the green caring helpful characters, and the blue stoic practical characters. 4CHARACTERS™ really bring personality types alive in a way that is up and beyond the psych speak and theory that typifies many other personality assessment tools.

4CHARACTERS™ has been used successfully on leadership programmes and team development workshops with middle managers, and senior executives to great effect. Even top academics at universities in Australia and New Zealand have adopted the 4CHARACTERS™ as their personality lingua and way of appreciating the strengths and blind spots of different phenotypes.

This profiling tool has been integrated across the Leader, Team, and Multi-team Dashboards, providing rich insights about the impact of personality on other dimensions (including culture and engagement).

What will others notice about you in a team?


WORK-WITH™ measures the extent to which people prefer to include, influence, relate, and disclose –four basic human needs postulated by Abraham Maslow in his ‘Hierarchy of Need’s. 


This tool provides valuable insights about what you will notice about individual executives working in a team, and the likely compatibility and pressure points among team members. 


Used in conjunction with 4CHARACTERS™ this profiler is very powerful in showing how well meaningful executives can fall-out due to similar or differing needs. 


WORK-WITH™ is a particularly insightful team dynamics tool that is used with team development workshops. It uses a colourcoding system (set out in the team dashboard) to show where the ‘rub’ will be among team members, and what they need to be mindful of when working together inter-personally and in their team.

How is your mojo and your team’s mojo?

MOJO™ is a simple but powerful indicator of an executive’s lifestyle balance, level of energy and resilience. 

SmartLeader Apps use a simple and short questionnaire to tell people what they already know but fail to take notice or action on. 

Each teammembers Mojo is integrated at a team level to provide a Team Mojo profile. Unsurprisingly team members with low Mojo are unlikely to be at their best in terms of being effective team leaders or team members.

Teams with low Mojo typically have a low level of engagement and team effectiveness. 

The results are set out in the Leader Dashboard and the Team Dashboard.


CLICK-WITH™ is an IOS app that provides deep insights about how two different people will click with each other.

It shows:


1. What the two have in common
2. Points of difference
3. How they should communicate with each other
4. Potential flash points
5. Tips for each other about how to adapt to click with each other

MYTEAMPULSE™ is a web app that monitors the vibe of teams.

It measures team leaders and their coach to regularly monitor (say every three weeks):

1. Engagement of team members
2. Engagement Trend
3. Team Culture
4. Team Effectiveness
5. Team Risks (including bullying & harassment)
6. Team Mojo

It also provides benchmark data (by sector) and a FIXIT DIY TOOLKIT.

It enables coaches (if they are given viewing rights) to support team leaders amp up their team engagement.

This is a game changer team performance tool, which coaches can get access through as part of the coach accreditation process.