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If you are an independent executive coach or facilitator, working in OD within a company,  consider the value to you and your clients by gaining the training and skills in the market-leading profilers, assessment tools and use of the Smart Leader Dashboards.

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Brian Lawrence has trained and accredited over 3,000 independent coaches and OD facilitators in personality profiling across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Manila, Dubai, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, and Wellington.


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How Our Coaches Empowerment Pack Adds Value

Why not get all your profilers integrated into a dashboard from the one supplier

Personality Profilers

Knowing about your personality and how you are ‘Wired-Up’ is ‘the key to being a great leader. That’s because to understand others, first you need to understand yourself’.

Purpose: The way you ‘operate’ is deeply ingrained and represented in your default settings. However, throughout your life your working environment requires you to adapt to suit the culture of your organisation and demands of your job. As a consequence, you will have rounded your natural character traits. The purpose of this tool is to identify your natural, innate characteristics and understand what this says about you as a person.

What does Wired-Up measure?

The Wired-Up profiler is a questionnaire designed to establish how you were innately Wired-Up from birth.

The Jungian based profiler will look at four different aspects of your personality:

  • Where you give your energy to
  • The way you gather information
  • The way you make decisions
  • The way you naturally operate

Structure: The Wired-Up session is structured in three parts:

  1. A one-page download that you will use to profile yourself as you listen to the video
  2. A video running you through the Wired-Up profiler.
  3. A short quiz to complete so that you can be confident that you understand the concepts and applications

What are your innate preferences?

4 CHARACTER Personality Type

Knowing about how yourself and other people operate is the key to successful leadership. This will simplify what you will learn in the “Wired-Up” section with the introduction of 4 distinct personality types – ‘characters’ as we call them. You will discover which 4 character type you are and learn about the unique gifts each character brings to the table.

Purpose: The purpose of this is to provide you with an easy to use and remember toolset which will help you ‘click’ with your colleagues and tailor your communication to best motivate and influence each of them.

What is 4 Characters?

The 4 Characters tool uses your Wired-Up type to determine which of the 4 CHARACTERS personality types you are – Blue, Green, Yellow or Red.

Be mindful that each type has it’s own characteristics and blindspots, and no Character is superior to another.

Furthermore, whilst some Characters might operate best in certain roles, it does not mean that they are not able to perform other roles. All Characters are able to do all types of work, but they may find some types of work fit more closely with what they are naturally good at.

Structure: The 4 CHARACTERS session is structured in three parts:

  1. A short cartoon video running you through each Character type (bear in mind that each of these Characters exist as an Extrovert, Introvert, Just-in-Timer or Kick-Starter).
  2. A more in-depth video running you through the theory behind the tool.
  3. A short quiz to complete so that you can be confident that you understand the concepts and applications.

Which character type are you?

Work With

This tool will help you to understand how you can work together more effectively with others, how you come across to others, why conflict develops between people and how to understand and manage your own needs.

Purpose: The purpose of this tool is to provide you with the context for understanding how you prefer to work with others at work. It will help you understand yours and others behaviours at work and it will highlight where there might be pressure points in a team.

What does Work-With measure?

The Work-With tool is a questionnaire designed to provide an indication of the way you typically relate at work with others. More specifically, it looks at how much involvement, influencing, relating and disclosing you show to others at work and how much you want to receive from others at work.

Structure: The Work-With session is structured in two parts:

A video running you through the Work-With profiler, the theory behind it, and how to interpret your results.
A short quiz to complete so that you can be confident that you understand the concepts and applications.

What will others notice about you in a team?

Click With

Click With is…..

How well do you connect with those around you?

Emotional Resilience


The Mojo-meter is designed to measure your level of energy, passion and life-balance.  Competent performers are typically competitive, diligent and take their work very seriously.

As time goes by, especially as they step up to more senior leadership roles, they often run the risk of ‘marrying their job’ and ‘estranging their family’.  This leads to a life that is characterised by stress, anxiety and myopic behaviour – impacting seriously on leadership style (micromanagement), and the health / well being of them, their colleagues and family.  It also puts family life, company performance and career at risk.

The advantage of the Mojo-meter is that it enables you to privately and anonymously measure your level of energy, passion and life-balance without alerting others.  If your results suggest you need to give attention to life-balance, we will prompt you to also complete the Stress-o-meter (and perhaps the AD-meter that measures anxiety and depression).

DASHBOARD also allows you to track your MOJO over time so that you can gauge your current situation and see whether you are improving and what areas you should focus on in order to improve your life-balance.



The Team MOJO function serves to integrate the MOJO of each team member at the collective team level. The identity of each team member is not disclosed.

The above graph is an example of a typical team. Four team members have good resilience. Three are metaphorically operating on half a tank of fuel, and one team member is running on low.

The Team Mojo tool is particulary insightful in its own right, and even more so when used in conjunction with the other tools to provide insights about the team culture and level of engagement.

How is your mojo and your team’s mojo?

360º Leadership Performance Mirrors

Personal 063° measuring leadership performance

SmartLeaderApps has developed its own 360° questionnaire and called it the Personal 063°. Just like the word ERIF on the front of a fire engine, 063° translates to 360° when viewed through a mirror. That’s because SLA’s online Personal 063° is designed as a development tool (rather than a performance rater) and provides executives with the opportunity to see themselves through the lens of ‘boss’, colleagues, and reports.

What are others noticing about your leadership?

Goal Setting, Learning & Reflecting

Goals and pulse

Using the Goals feature, you can set goals based on your Personal 063° feedback or create your own from scratch.

We recommend you set 1x Personal Leadership Development Goal, based off your Personal 063°, 1x Mojo/Lifestyle goal and 1x goal based off your Team 360° results.

Once you have set your goals you can activate the PULSE to gauge from your colleagues how well you are travelling towards achieving your goals, and also keep you accountable to increase the chances of success.

This tool can also be used to track the progress os specific actions and get feedback from colleagues.

What are your leadership development priorities?

Learning Academy

Learning AcademyThe Academy provides team resources – tips, tools and articles relating to specific leadership issues.

How do you keep up to date?

Team Members’ Weekly Reflection

Team member weekly reflection
The Team Members’ Weekly Reflection enables the team leader to be up to-date on how each of their team members are travelling and provides an agenda for a weekly discussion with each team member.

The team leader can support team members when they are under pressure and provide them with resources, training, coaching, counselling and any other help they may need. It’s a great weekly discipline for each team member and their leader. It requires only 15 minutes from each team member and about 20 minutes overall for the team leader to read and reply from the internal dashboard messaging system.

This is a very useful team leader tool and also a great reflection and tracking tool for each team member.

urces – tips, tools and articles relating to specific leadership issues.

What did you learn last week?


The smart thing about SmartLeader App is that they bring together various streams into one dashboard. The ability for experienced coaches and facilitators to get accreditation credits for well respected instruments, reducing the accreditation time and costs by 50% is another smart feature.

Brian Lawrence
Organisational Psychologist

SmartLeader ppl have been produced and are used by one of the most respected C-suite strategic leadership institute (not HR IT experts) - they know how to measure executives and teams, and have processes for interpreting and developing high performing executives and teams.

Graham Flower
Executive Coach

The only coaching platform that provides a suite of integrated tools that can be used for coaching executives and their teams.

Andrey McFadden
Executive Coach

An effective user friendly accreditation process along with a highly experienced organisational psychologist trainer and accreditation professional.

Amanda Woolridge
Executive Coach

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